Selling your home

 The process of selling your home is one of the “It’s all in the details” moments. It could mean paying attention to the small things such as updating door knobs in your home or painting the front door.

 Or it could be about serious and more expensive things such as replacing the aging air conditioning system or water heater.

 A good agent will be able to help you determine which of these things we will need to pay attention to. We need to have a product (Your home) that is ready for the buyers to come see and fall in love with. 

Red Door Knob
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Too often sellers decide at what price they will attempt to sell their home, by what they need to get out of it to make their next transition. Unfortunately, the market tells us what buyers will pay for any individual home.

 Determining a fair price for your home requires an experienced agent who can analyze the current market in your area and come up with a price that is competitive, fair, will sell your home, and appraise. If the home is sold to a buyer who requires a loan, the lending institution will send an appraiser out to check if the agreed to price reflects the true value of the home.

 If it is too high, the lender will refuse to loan against any value except the appraiser’s valuation. This is why pricing is so important.

There are many good reasons to have a real estate agent help you sell your home, not the least of which is that we have access to up-to-date marketing information critical to the marketing of your home. For instance, we know where potential buyers first find the home they ultimately purchase. And knowing these, a good agent will have a plan to market to each of these channels.

 For instance, we know the bulk of buyers find the home they ultimately purchase on the Internet. The most important aspect of these internet finds are pictures. Den Boer homes always uses professional photographers to photograph their homes for sale. We also go further and shoot a full motion home video as well. We target 6 major channels buyers use to find your home with marketing solutions for each. 

Canon DSLR Camera

The actual promotion of your home for sale does not stop with a sign in the yard and information on the local multiple listing service. While we do these as well, we also make sure that you have the best signage out front along with home flyers, home books inside, syndication of your listing through BOTH mls systems here in the Atlanta area, Unique single property website for your home, proactive reaching out to agents through a process called reverse prospecting, and so much more! 

To truly see how much we at den Boer Homes do for our clients would take way too much space on our website. We would, however, love to meet with you in person to talk about your home, your needs, what comes next for you, and how we can help. Give us a call today. We have the solutions you are looking for.