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Your house isn't worth it...NOT!

I have many conversations with agents regarding the marketing of listings. Many times I get asked at what price point does my marketing kick in? You know, how expensive a home must I list before they get all the "Good" marketing?Without a second thought, my answer is usually $1. 

ALL my listings get the full complement of marketing. I have listed a single wide trailer before and put a post and sign out front along with fliers. Inside this home I also placed home books for buyers to take that showcased the professional photos I had taken. My question is, why would you not do this? Cost? Come on, the commission money I receive for my services far out weighs the cost of the marketing I provide. 

Besides, you never know who, other than your sellers, you might impress with your marketing skills. Maybe, just maybe, these sellers know more people who need to sell as well.My marketing is available to all sellers (And Buyers too). If someone tells you your home is not worth it, give den Boer Homes a call.