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Would you buy a car from them?

Here is an interesting scenario...You wake up today and decide this is the day to go buy a car. You have looked around a bit, but you don't really know enough yet about what you want to purchase, so you decide to hit two dealerships today and look at 2 different cars you are interested in.You pull into dealer number 1 and you are greeted by a very nice salesperson who seems attentive and asks you about what you are looking for. You respond with several ideas and ask the salesperson about a specific car. The sales person pulls out a spec sheet and reads to you several answers to your questions. You are then taken out to the car and you get inside. You ask the nice sales person how this and that works and they cheerfully say, not sure, lets test it out. 

After looking a bit longer you leave to go to the next dealership. There you are greeted by a salesperson just as nice and welcoming as the first. They ask lots of questions about what you are looking for as well. There is a difference though. The salesperson seems to know the answers to your questions as you ask them. No looking up spec sheets. When you ask about seeing the car, you are taken to it and as you sit inside the salesperson reviews with you your needs and suggests 2 other cars they think you might like. You hadn't thought about those choices. 

When you ask the salesperson how they know all about these cars, they reply, as each new car hits our lot I read up on them and learn everything I can about them. I then take them out for a test drive so I can relate to my customers how the car feels and acts while driven. I know my inventory. 

Impressed, you buy from this knowledgeable salesperson. They know their stuff. 

Many Real Estate agents only see homes that are requested by their clients. At den Boer Homes, we preview homes on the market and actually keep notes on the homes we see. That way when a client asks us about an area, we can talk knowledgeably about the local inventory. 

We believe this is the best way to serve our clients. If you agree that this makes sense, give us a call today and let's discuss your buying and/or selling needs.