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What I like most about Real Estate...

When you ask a Real Estate professionals why they got into this business, you are likely to receive many different answers, but my answer is that I truly love meeting new people. In my past life I was in sales. I loved that too for exactly the same reason, getting to know clients and producing new long term friends.

I can count on one hand the number of people that I just did not get along with. It's thankfully a rare occasion, but it does happen. When it does, I am in a position where it is no problem for me to suggest another agent that I think would work well with them, and take my leave. 

My current clients will be listing their home and making an offer on a new home within the next two weeks. We have been working together for almost a year and they are returning clients. 

Due to health reasons earlier this year, I was forced to send these clients to a great agent I work with, and they were taken very good care of by her. When they contacted me again this past weekend we made plans to go see a home yesterday. They were very complementary about the agent, but stated, "We are really glad to have you back!" 


It's times like these that the Real Estate business for me is the best industry to be in. Thank you to all my past and present clients for being so nice. I look forward to seeing them as friends for a long time to come.