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We need to sell first, but let's go look!

There are many times that home sellers need to be looking for the next home. If there home sells before they find the next one they could end up homeless and/or in an expensive hotel until they can find and move in to the next home. This dance of trying to have back to back closings is always a bit stressful for everyone. 

But what if the potential sellers are not even thinking of selling their home for 6 months and want to start looking for the next one? Well, if they are amenable to putting their home up for sale quickly once the next home is found, and the market will support a quick sale , then fine. But what if these conditions don't exist? 

I am afraid these folks might be wasting everyones time. What if you do find that perfect next home? Do you really believe it will still be there waiting for you in 6 months? Probably not. I would suggest waiting until you are a bit closer to the date you wish to list your home before hitting the streets looking for the next home. This will save you, and everyone else the heartache of watching that perfect next home go to another buyer who is ready to pull the trigger.