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Video to the Rescue!

We are in a time when sellers are wary of anyone coming into their home. Buyers aren't sure they want to be out and around looking at homes, either. This can really impact the ease with which Real Estate transactions get done. Because of this, the industry is turning more to virtual showing experiences, like increased use of video. 

We at den Boer homes have been creating videos for every home we list since 2006. These are used on the MLS systems as virtual tours and also posted out on social media. For awhile we got fancy and featured intros by the agent, and even interviewed an owner once! But always, we felt then as we do now that true videos of a home can help get more exposure for our sellers. More today than ever. 

So, if you are looking for creative ways to list your home and get more eyes on your home during these crazy times, give us a call and let us share with you how we can help.