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To the Escalators!


Because of this crazy sellers market where multiple offers for the property within hours has become the norm, I have had to resort to new tactics for my buyers. Most new contracts I write have what is called an escalation clause. This does not require the seller to install an escalator in their home, although that would be kinda cool. 

What it does is it raises the buyers offer price by a set amount each time a new offer is received above our offer price, up to a set limit.Another new tactic, which by the way I very much dislike, is making offers on several home at one time. This improves the buyers odds on getting a home. If they end up with more than one offer accepted, they pick their favorite, and we terminate the rest. While this market has been great for selling homes, I really do wish for the market to re-balance so we don't have to jump through so many hoops just to get a deal done. 

 To learn more about ways to improve your odds in this market, give us a call.