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They are doing it all... 

On occasion, I visit a property that needs more than just a little help. I have a listing in a desirable area coming soon that should sell quickly, but in its current state we would be lucky to sell at all. When I came to the home to see what we had to work with, the first thing that I noticed at the front door was a very strong dog odor. 

As I looked around I could tell that all the walls were dirty from the dogs walking along them and the carpets were shot. The front window over the front door needed replacement as well.The back yard had been torn up by street improvements going on behind the house and the department of transportation had erected a 10 foot tall concrete wall as well. No grass and dilapidated landscaping finished off the back yard. 

So, I spoke to the owners and let them know they could either take care of these issues, ot expect to take at least $30,000 off the asking price of the home. Their response? They have jumped right in feet first. The interior of the home is being repainted by the husband. New carpet is due in later this week. They spent the weekend cleaning out the home and will be deep cleaning.It is amazing to see how a home in such need can be brought back to life in a short amount of time. 

There is not much we can do about the concrete wall in back, but freshening up the landscaping is on the list.If you think your home needs some work before you list, give an agent a call. We can help guide you through what needs to be done and what does not. This particular home is in a great location and with fresh paint and carpet, a deep cleaning, and new landscaping, it has a real chace of a fast sale at a good price.