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Subliminal Color Pops

I use a professional photographer to photograph all my listings. It really pays off with spectacular images of the home. However, some homes I list are pretty bland when it comes to color. The walls are "Agreeable Gray", the kitchens are earth tones, etc. In order to catch a potential buyer's eye, I use a little subliminal help. 

Notice the picture at the top of this post. The cabinets are white, the appliances are black. Not much color in between. I add the Reds to the photo. Notice the Tea pot on the stove. The red towels on the oven door. The red bird on the counter. These are all added to the picture to make it "Sticky". I want to make potential buyers linger on a picture. Not just glance at it and move on. The red color does just that. 

To complete the set I also hange red towels in the master bath and secondary baths. I also have a red napkin holder I place on the kitchen table as well.I have found that by adding these Pops of color, people do stop on the picture and often say how pretty the room is. 

If you are looking at ways to spruce up you home pictures look at adding in some color!