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Snow! Head for the Emergency Shelters!

Atlanta and snow don't mix well. While we do get some snow each year, it hardly ever amounts to much. But when we get those huge 2" blizzards, we can be socked in for hours! 

Seriously, we have very little in the way of snow removal equipment since we hardly ever need it. They do apply a brine solution to the roads and that seems to help. And even if we did have the equipment, more often than not we get ice instead of snow. 

Today they are calling for about an inch of snow. The roads have been treated, all the bread and milk is gone from the store shelves, and schools are already closed for today. All this, and it was close to 50 degrees outside this morning when I awoke. It is good to be prepared.

 So instead of continuing my observations on the state of todays weather, I need to get out and find some bread and milk. Wish us luck!