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Should I be Concerned With How My Home Is Marketed?

I love marketing. When done correctly, magical moments happen. In Real Estate these moments show up as sellers receiving more for their home than they expected, and quicker than they hoped. Good marketing drives higher prices and returns quicker sales in Real Estate. 

When getting your home ready for sale, we all intuitively know where we need to put our dollars. Usually in the visual parts of a home. For instance, money spent on a new Thermostat or a home warranty are nice additions to a home and can be talked up by the listing agent, but can be lost on a buyer. A new coat of paint or upgraded kitchen appliances usually stand out in a home and can be observed and appreciated by potential buyers without someone taking the time to show them. 

When getting a home ready to sell, make sure 1) you have all safety issues resolved and 2) look to see where you can make the biggest visual impact to improve your home. This will bring you more marketing bang for your bucks. 

If you would like to hear more about how great marketing can help you sell your home for more money, give us a call at den Boer Homes.