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Reverse Prospecting

Our MLS system has a really cool feature called, Reverse Prospecting. It works like this, when an agent enters a search for a buyer, they use specific touch points like price, area, bedrooms, baths, etc. These get matched up with properties on the market that meet there requirements and properties are sent to the buyer for review. 

Reverse prospecting is used by listing agents. We can go into the reverse prospecting system and actually see the agents who have searches entered where their criteria meets our listing. I will then go and email each agent and give them a brief paragraph about my listing and a link for more information. I do this for every listing I have. 

I send out emails each morning to the new searches that come up overnight. Two things amaze me about this system. 1) That these emails prompt agents to bring their clients to my listings, and 2) that so few agents in our area take advantage of this system. 

Reverse prospecting is just another way den Boer Homes markets our seller's homes. If you would like to hear more about our marketing, give us a call today.