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Real or Cartoons?

We are having a wide ranging discussion in our office about photography for listings. Over time, we have finally gotten agents to start using "Professional" photographers. Overall, the quality of listing pictures has greatly improved. There is a problem, though. While most photographers are sending in good quality products, there are some that are using a method that highly processes the photos, rendering a cartoonish look. 

The photographers are saying that their clients love the look. From my end, I am seeing agents that are unhappy with the final product and even paying to re-shoot the job. 

My basic problem is that while I can immediately spot these photos, many agents just don't know about other looks or they like this look. I am also a friend of one of the main photographers and while we have had a conversation about his "Look" he says his clients love it. And they might. 

I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I wonder if the Seller's are being well represented by these cartoonish photos?