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A good agent can make the difference

Of the zillions of real estate agents in the marketplace today, some really do stand out. Recently an agent called me about a home I have for sale. He explained he had fallen while showing the home and was considering suing the home owner. He went on to complain about the list price and several other items. Fast forward 3 weeks and the same agent is back with an offer. Not a great offer but not bad either. 

 Same day I get a call from another agent about this home. He asks a few good questions about what the seller will deem important in an offer and then explains to me how well this home seems to fit his clients needs. He then sends over an offer. 

This one is a very close match to the first offer.Both are presented to the sellers and they pick offer 2. Why? They still remembered how agent number 1 behaved and were thankful to hear about the second buyers and how much they would love to own the home.

I believe that the sellers were insulted by the way agent 1 dealt with them and really appreciated how agent 2 tried ( and succeeded) to find out what was important to them before sending in the offer.It really is important how agents conduct themselves in the business.