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Even if you are not a dollar short, you can be a day late.

Listings these days go fast if they are priced right. We are talking hours, or at the worst, a couple of days. Most agents are aware of this and act accordingly. Then there are the rest. This is me sitting at my computer solemnly shaking my head to and fro. 

 I am amazed that after 3 days on the market and 4 offers, I still have agents calling and texting me about the home with questions like, how long has the current owner lived there, or when was the roof replaced (They have the disclosure), or other mundane things, without even going to see the property. 

 1 agent in particular started the texting with me by asking how in the world did I come up with the price? Well, I said, 15 years experience, due diligence on my part, and a crazy sellers market. By the way, all our offers are over list price. 

 I guess what irks me most is that these agents would rather nit pick me with inane questions when they should be scheduling showings right away if they have an interested buyer. Then there are the agents scheduling showings a week out and expecting the home to still be on the market. Nope, ain't gonna happen.