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Bob The Turkey, R.I.P.

Several years ago while driving down the main street of Woodstock, Ga. during the rush hour crush, motorists were treated to the sight of a full grown turkey walking up and down the sidewalk. Now, afternoon traffic through beautiful downtown Woodstock can be a bit slow, so there was plenty of time to watch this big fellow move up and down the street, seemingly checking out each car and saying hello to the occupants.This continued for quite some time. Locals started calling the Turkey by the name of Bob. I suppose someone asked Bob his name and that is what he replied. 

People really looked forward to seeing Bob each day during their afternoon commute through town. I don't remember seeing Bob in the mornings. I can only guess he was a late riser.After weeks of enjoying Bob every day, he suddenly vanished. We looked for Bob high and low with great concern. Did he move on? Do Turkeys take vacations? After several days the news finally came out. Bob had met his demise, apparently under one of the commuters cars!

A search for the driver ensued with the idea of running them permanently out of town, but alas they were never identified.Bob was gone. The pleasant afternoon drive through historic Woodstock downtown was diminished by his loss. Months later a local artist made a bronze statue of Bob the Turkey and it was placed along the street, just about where Bob was usually found in the afternoons. It is now a noted tourist spot. So, if you are ever checking out Woodstock, make sure you spend a moment with Bob the Turkey.