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Top Gun Activities in Marietta Ga. !

There is never a dull moment in the are unless you specifically want one! Marietta Ga. is home to a very large Lockheed plant. Right next to one of the main gates in the Marietta Museum Air Wing, an outdoor parking lot (15 acres) of really cool planes! 

For $5 per person, my wife and I went on a guided tour by a retired Navy flyer and ex-Lockheed employee. This 2 hour tour took us inside and around many Vietnam and later era planes. The picture above is from the cockpit of a C141b Starlifter. 

We also enjoyed seeing an F14 Tomcat, and speaking to the retire airforce guy who flew them. He was also an instructor at the famous Top Gun school in Miramar.All-in-all we had a great time, If you find yourself in the Marietta Ga. area, look this place up. You will not be disappointed.