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Persistence and Preservation Pay Off

Luckily, in Real Estate transactions, the vast majority of closings go off without a hitch. There could be a document needed at the last minute, or something pops up that needs attending to, but all-in-all most closings are happy ones. 

Then there are the ones we agents talk about over and over again. Like the closing where buyers and sellers had to be separated in different rooms so that no one would get hurt. Or the time the attorney disappeared from the table for awhile. She was doing drugs in her office! Or the time buyers refused to show up at the closing table until a feud with the Home Owners Association was resolved. I had to threaten legal action to get them to the table, 4 hours late! 

Yes, closings can be fun, but good agents strive to make sure that the closing for our buyer or seller goes as smoothly as possible. 

Give us a call to find out what we at den Boer Homes do to try and assure smooth closings. And if you ask, we might tell you about some of our more adventurous closings! Names will be changed to protect the no-so-innocent!!