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If you were to stay, what would you do next?

I really like asking this question to my potential seller clients. Along with my suggestions of what the seller should do to make their home ready to sell, I like to ask them what they themselves would do to the house if they decided to stay. Things like paint the living room, or recarpet the upstairs, or replace some shrubs around the house that were on their last leaves, or fix some rotten wood around the windows. These are, coincidentally, the same things that potential buyers will be saying about your home. 

When the seller thinks about this question, it helps them understand better what the potential buyer will be thinking as they view their home. These unaddressed issues can become costly to the seller during offer negotiations as well. For instance let's say a room needs to be painted. The seller can paint or pay someone to paint. Let's say the opt to have it painted for $500. More often than not, if the seller does not paint, the buyer will ask for money to cover the cost of painting once they move in. And magically, their cost estimate can be many times the actual cost, when negotiated. 

So, when thinking about repairs around your home, the money you invest in making your home nice could be much less than what a buyer will ask you for to complete the same task. 

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