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Curb their Enthusiasm!

Ever pulled up to the front of a home, and even before you leave your car, you fall in love with the home? How about just the opposite. You pull up to a home and decide to not even slow the car down. I call this a drive by. Something about the home just turned you off. It could be something you just can't put your finger on. Or it could be the car up on blocks in the front yard. Either way, these situations both involve what we in Real estate call Curb Appeal. 

Curb Appeal has to do with how a home looks like upon first glance from the street or curb. Hence the name. Believe it or not, the curb appeal of a home can make or break the sell of a home. This appeal is fairly easy to control with just a little bit of work. Watch my video above to get a few pointers how you can improve your home's curb appeal, and as a consequence, its saleability. So make sure you don't Curb a potential buyer's enthusiasm for your home!