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Friday I spoke with a gentleman looking to relocate from Tennessee to this area to be near his kids. He has a home on a lake in Tennessee and would like to have the same here. Luckily, we are blessed with 2 great lakes in this area, so we started discussing exactly what he was looking for. 

The gentleman was looking for a townhome community on the lake with a great view and a dock, or at least access to one. My problem is that we do not have townhomes on the local lake. It is surrounded by single family homes. 

My new client was adamant that there has to be some because they have them in Tennessee. And that, dear readers, is the issue. 

You hear all the time that real estate is local. This is very true in all aspects of the business. Pricing is different. Homes are different. Schools are different. And in this case, while another area seems to have a number of Townhomes on a lake available for sale, in my area we do not. I think this was a rude awakening for my client. 

He may have to reset his ideas of what kind of home he would like if he still wants to be on the lake. Because if all he wants is a Townhome on the lake, well, sorry, does not exist here.