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What do you do all day?

I wonder sometimes if our clients see Real Estate professionals as people who get up around 10am. Go meet friends for coffee. Have a long lunch. call a few people in the afternoon. And then call it a day. They might if you don't help explain the process as you go about helping them. 

There is definitely value added to our clients every minute of the day as a true professional goes about their work. It might not be obvious at first, but the value is there. 

For instance, a typical day for me consists of getting to work around 7:30 in the morning. This is my quiet time when I work on writing blogs, captions for photos, listing narratives, and other word intensive projects. All of this hones my written communication skills that use to my clients advantage. 

I also do research on the areas I work in so that when I speak to buyers and sellers I have the knowledge they are seeking about what is for sale and for how much. There are also days when I am out in these neighborhoods previewing these homes as well so that I can speak from experience to buyers and sellers about the market. 

During the day I also work on video projects that not only help keep my clients informed, but also help hone my skills with verbal communication. There are also times when I work on software projects to learn how to better show off my listings in social media and make my videos and pictures the best they can be, all for the benefit of my clients. 

Then there is the normal stuff of the day. Writing and receiving contracts. Negotiating for my clients. Working with contractors and talking to agents. Oh, and the occasional class time to keep up with everything else. 

While these are only the normal things during the day that come to mind, there is also the unexpected and crisis type issues that flare up and have to be contended with. A pretty full day. 

So I guess the 10am wake up call and morning coffees will have to wait for retirement.