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Hey Is that Rain I see?

It has been a very wet last year for many states in the south and west this year. I can remember moving to New Jersey after college to take my first job, and there was an article in a magazine shortly after arriving about a dried up lake not far from the apartment. They had a shot of the Governor standing in the middle of a dry lake bed, lamenting that we would see more of this in the future. 

Fast forward to today. The local lake here is 4 feet over "Full Pool" and they are having to release copious amounts of water from the lake, flooding areas downstream. We had 2 days of pretty nice weather then more rain today. Why the concern about rain for the average home owner or buyer? Well, water is something that does not play well with the interiors of homes. It hastens the development of wood rot, insect damage, and mold growth. 

When looking for a home, it is always smart to walk around the outside of a home to see if the landscape slopes away from the house, as it should. Is the yard graded in such a way to move water away and not allow it to collect? Also, if the home has a basement, follow your nose. I can normally smell a damp basement from a mile away. (OK, at least from the top of the stairs.) 

And when selling, it is wise to make sure that all gutters are clean and ready to collect rain water. Also, make sure the downspouts have plastic extensions to direct water out into the yard. Check the drainage for the air conditioner as well to make sure condensation water is not just dripping at the foundation but away from it. 

These seem like common sense things to do, but in the heat of the moment, when you are visualizing your furniture in that perfect house, these things can be overlooked.