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Rental Aversion

I admit it. I have rental Aversion. This is a disease that afflicts many real estate agents. It starts with someone asking for help finding a rental home. It quickly progresses to an eyelid twitch, followed by a neck spasm. The ability to speak can be affected as well, with the afflicted stammering and making no sense. It is a rough disease to deal with. 

Why did I come down with this horrible disease? Well it all started when leasing agents started offering $100 or less to agents who bring qualified renters to their property and end up renting. $1500 per month rents and $100 or less payouts. This means that I actually lose money on these deals whenever I work with a renter. In some states it is common to split the first months rent between agents and even pay again upon renewal, just not here in Georgia. 

Oh sure, I know the story about renters eventually becoming homeowners. I have seen it happen. About as often as seeing the unicorn walk through my backyard. So why do I even bother at all? Well, there are two really good reasons. 

The first, I take any and all referrals from past clients as long as I can physically and reasonably help. I feel as though past client referrals should always be considered to reinforce my appreciation to them for thinking about me in any real estate related business. 

Second, there is a large section of the real estate industry that is underserved by real estate professionals. These people have real needs and should not be ignored. I can't make a living serving only renters, but I can certainly help when I can. 

Looking to rent? (Twitch, twitch). Let's talk about it and see if for the same money or less we can put you in a home.