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New Home Sales - It's All About The Builder

New homes are much like new cars. As soon as you enter either one you see a beautiful clean home, with everything new. You are also surrounded by that wonderful aroma of newness. That smell that we also always say, If I could just bottle that smell and sell it! 

New is wonderful too in that it usually comes with a handful of warranties. The home could have a 10 year structural warranty, all the new appliances have their original warranties. What could go wrong? Cue the dark clouds across the sun with creepy background music. 

The contract you sign to buy a new home is usually written by the builder. When I write an offer for my buyers on a resale, I use a state contract vetted by the real estate board. These contracts go out of their way to protect our buyers and the agents that represent them. Not so much with builder contracts. 

The builders are not usually being nefarious. They are just protecting their own interests. And, most of the time these contracts do not get in the way of completing a sale. There are things to watch out for, however, and that's why the help of a professional real estate agent is so necessary even when buying that new home. 

So, if you are looking at purchasing a new home, hire a professional agent to help you navigate through the maze of issues. We can even bring some prerecorded creepy music to play at just the right time!