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Should I ask for the Moon?

I received an amendment to address concerns yesterday from a buyers agent representing buyers under contract with my seller clients. The email started off saying, "Tried to be reasonable about our requests..." This always worries me when I see this. It usually means the requests will be quite unreasonable. Luckily, in this case they were not. 

Let's go back to what is an amendment to address concerns. It is a form the the potential buyer sends to the sellers after they have done an inspection of the property. They ask for things turned up in the inspection to be fixed. I have seen amendments with one line item, and I have seen amendments with multiple pages. 

Sometimes a buyer will make a very reasonable offer on a home only to ask for the moon after the inspection in hopes that the seller will just lower the price in lieu of making numerous repairs. 

Don't ask for the moon when it is your chance. I suggest to my clients that anything health and/or safety related needs to be addressed. Certainly don't ask for aesthetic things like paint. If you ask for the moon the seller may just shut down and say NO to everything. If you are smart, you can ask for the important things and get what you want.