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An Appealing Idea...

How does your home look from the street? Leaves in the gutters? Mail box a bit askew and in need of paint? Shutters missing, but only on one window? These are all items that fall under the category of "Curb Appeal". 

This is so important as the first impression a potential buyer has of your home is the one generated when they pull up to your home. They take in the scene and start to make impressions of your home before they even get in the front door. I have had buyers tell me as soon as we drive up to a home that they are not interested and do not want to even enter the home. 

Curb appeal. So, so important and often over looked by Sellers. Because of this, I produced a video that I send to all new sellers I list. It touches on a few ideas to watch out for and gets the seller to start thinking about how their home looks from the outside and what they might need to do to improve that look.Enjoy.