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Home Improvements? 

We as agents run across interesting home improvements all the time some are really nice, and others fall into the category of, what were you thinking? The picture above shows a granite counter top with a short granite back splash, topped by...stack on linoleum tiles. And to top it off, they were peeling off the wall and falling down.

I understand that sometimes homeowners are trying to spruce up the house on a limited budget, but in this case I believe leaving the wall painted may have been the smarter move.There were indications elsewhere in the home that the owner had taken a few shortcuts. Things such as never changing the furnace filters, a deck where the rails did not quite meet the stiles, a french drain more out of the ground than in, and mostly filled in. 

Despite these issues, my buyers are purchasing this home. They bought low enough that they can correct these issues. I think by the time they are done with this home it will be better than ever.I guess the moral of the story is that if you find something in the house you are looking at that does not appear to be right...keep looking. There are usually more issues that will come to light. These all need to be considered when making an offer on a home.