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Nothing but Net!

Well, I just expressed in my title about all I know about basketball, and this post isn't even about sports. It's about the net amount of money a seller is looking for when they sell a home. You can get to this net several different ways. 

Many times I speak with buyers who wish to make a low offer AND are asking for a laundry list of items and their closing costs covered. I would like to own a mega yacht too, but unless I hit the lottery big, it probably won't happen any time soon. 

The seller knows what they need to get out of their home sale. When an offer comes in, they start calculating all the costs involved. Want the sofa in the den? That could be $1,000. Oh, and the complete master suite furniture? Another $5-10,000! Closing costs too? Add another $4-5,000. Oh, and Mr. Seller we are only offering 65% of your list price. 

I guess what I am getting at is that when a buyer makes an offer on a home, they should be cognizant of the net to the seller. If you load up on costs in your offer, your chances of success are limited. 

So, think about nothing but net!