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Not so Secret Agent

There area a few trades around where you will see a person's name on their shirt or a badge with their name on it. It is, however, still fairly rare to see. I am an agent that wears a name tag everywhere I go during the work week. 

I once had a very successful agent deride me for wearing my name tag. She even went so far as to try and make me feel stupid for doing so. Didn't work though! My name tag has allowed me to connect with people while I pump gas for my car, while I walk to my car from a store, and yesterday, at a fast food restaurant where the cashier asked me if I could help her find a home.You see, I am proud to wear my name tag and announce to the world that I am open for business. 

The only confusion it might cause me is when people I don't know greet me with my name, and momentarily I wonder how they guessed my name!So if you see me around town, stop me and ask me how the local Real Estate market is doing, or just say, Hi Pete!