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Just go with the flow...

Interestingly, one local county, Dekalb, in the Atlanta area has enacted a "Low Flow" policy wherein any homes sold within the county must be certified as having all low flow plumbing fixtures. 

This policy came about during the last local drought and is an effort to conserve water.The actual maximum flow rates are 2.2 gallons per minute in the Kitchen, 2 gallons per minute from other faucets, and toilets that use 1.6 gallons per flush or less. 

These all have to be certified by a licensed plumber, home inspector, or Department of Watershed Management inspector. All well and good, but what happens if the fixtures are not low flow?The Buyer is on the hook to bring these items up to code, at a cost not to exceed $1,000 per toilet. Wow, the Buyer?

I would think the Seller should have these items brought up to code before selling their home, but that's just me.