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Just go to YouTube!

I was working with some software yesterday that I am unfamiliar with and was having problems. When I asked the marketing director about the issue, he said, just go to YouTube. Well, I did, and within minutes I had my answer and was happily working away. 

Many buyers and sellers do this same thing with varying results. I often get sent properties from Zillow / Trulia and the buyer is all excited about the property. It is usually one that did not come up in my own search on the local MLS system. When I go check it out it is either not currently for sale, Pending already, or sold 5 years ago. In other words, it is not currently for sale. Buyers somehow believe that they can find properties better than their agent. 

Sellers are in on this too. They head over to one of the TV series devoted to home sales and take their cues from there. Or, they hit up a website that promises faster sales for more money if they follow their plan.Somewhere trust in Real estate professionals has eroded to the point where the general public believes they can do better. Sadly, this is probably the fault of agents who tell clients to go find a property and they will let them in. 

When choosing a Real Estate professional, find one you can trust. It is OK to look on your own, but a quality agent should be able to supply the best information you will find.