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It's All About Location...and Price

It's interesting to me to see how differently properties are received by agents and the public. For instance, I have homes listed at $169,900, $315,000, and $395,000. As you might expect, the lower priced property is getting 3-5 showings a day, and we have received 5 offers that the seller is looking over. 

The $315,000 home was just listed, and we have gotten several showings already. What I didn't tell you is that this listing is also a rare ranch home over a basement. I expected it to do well, and it is starting out great. 

Then there is the $395,000 listing. It is in a great established neighborhood, with a great location, and priced well. In just over 30 days, the crickets are the most notable activity we have had. The reason? Several. This time of year is typically slower for home sales in this area. Also, price point.Interestingly, the $400,000 and above price points in our area have really slowed. 

Those homes in the sub $200,000 price points, we can't get enough of them.And so it goes. Sort of a tale of two, no three, cities.