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Is It Worth It?

When discussing repairs and updates with clients, I find it useful to be able to tell them whether or not the expected return on investment makes sense. I am able to do this by employing the Cost Vs. Value report available at 

In essence, this report gives expected returns for many repairs and upgrades you might do to a home. For instance, I just had my deck rebuilt on my home and added black aluminum balusters and low voltage lighting. While the report says I probably paid too much, and I would agree, it also says the expected return on this investment is around 81%. Good to know. 

I know that this newly rebuilt and updated deck does add value to my home, but I would not have had a clue about a starting point without this report. While you may disagree about some of the numbers in the report, at least it gives you a starting point when discussing needed repairs and upgrades with clients.If you are looking to market your home this Spring and are not sure where to start, give den Boer homes a call. We can help.