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I remember...

 I remember the day that caused the nation to gasp a collective cry. 

 I remember the day that my employees stopped working to watch the TV. 

 I remember thinking a bad joke was being played on me when I heard. 

 I remember watching.I remember the quiet that followed. No planes in the   air. 

 I remember sending my employees home to be with thrie families. 

 I remember wondering what would come next. 

 I remember the confusion in NY. 

 I remember the flags coming out within days on all the sttreet corners. 

 I remember the new found patriotism.I remember people coming together against a common foe. 

 I remember the twin beams of light rising into the sky where the towers once stood. 

 I remember to wear a flag pin commemorating the day every year. 

 I remember. You should too. 

Photo by Thomas Svensson from Pexels