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I posted a sign, now what?

An agent recently contacted our marketing department asking for help on a listing that was not garnering much attention from agaents or the public. When we asked him what marketing he was doing he recited the usual, sign in the yard (No flyers or riders on the sign), listed in MLS (No captions on pictures), and, well, that was it. 

So, I went to preview the property. When I showed up the driveway was entirely covered with leaves and pineneedles, making the home look abandoned. There was fresh sod in the front yard, but only half way to the street. The rest was a muddy mess. Along the front of the house there was not a plant to be seen. The front door looked nice, though. 

The home was on a slab, and priced as a basement home. The pool in the back has the same issue as the driveway. The actual home was OK, not my style, but certainly saleable. All that was needed was some marketing work. Cleaning up the outside of the property, adding enticements at the sign, and contacting agents to let them know about the property. For just $20 the seller could have a nice single property website. So much had not been done for this property.

Marketing does not stop at the sign in the front yard. As homes begin to take longer to sell, marketing efforts for properties will become even more important.