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I like the Lights!!

Blinking, strobing, colorful lights. Not out on the street or in some club somewhere. No, I like the colorful lights on electronic equipment. You know the ones. When you turn on the power to your TV you are greeted by a red or blue light, beckoning you in to the electronic bliss it offers. 

I was looking at a computer on the Interwebs this morning and it had lights galore! On the front were dazzling moving lights made undoubtedly mesmerizing so that you would forget how much time you have spent on the computer. Open a door on the side and more lights. I was to the point I was fishing out my credit card. Did not care what the machine did! Those lights! 

Sound familiar? Well, certain home buyers can get blinded by the dazzle of a new home to the point where they will forget to look "Under the hood". A good real estate agent will let their buyers enjoy the moment, but also bring them back to reality when it is time to get serious. We are not killjoys, but it is our job to see that you know exactly what you are buying, as best we can. If the dazzling lights are there to make you look the other way and miss important facts, then the deal will probably turn out bad.So, I am putting on my sunglasses to kill the glare from all the lights and will try to forget that computer from this morning. But those lights!