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Hidden Reasons to Hire a Professional Real Estate Agent

Did you know your real estate agent has superpowers that you are unaware of? It's true. Now, you usually won't find us in a cape looking to fly out a second floor window unless a deal has gone bad. But we do have hidden powers.

 For instance, it is critical during negotiations that your agent and the Buyer/Seller agent on the other side of your transaction get along. I have seen too many deals go sour, not because the buyer and seller can't agree, but because the agents are trying to out do each other thumping their chests. Professional agents learn quickly that they can help their clients better if they get along with others. 

The next super power? We carry clout. That's right. For instance, I showed a new construction home over the weekend and my client was asking me about getting things in writing from the builder. I assured her that all things promised will be put in writing. What keeps the promiser from doing what they promise? Well, the law for one thing, but the other is one of our super powers. If a builder causes issues with a deal, the agent has the ability to discuss this transgression far and wide by talking to other agents. This tends to put a damper on new sales for this builder by agents, and the builder would rather not get a bad rep amongst the agents they deal with. 

So, next time you look to hire a professional real estate agent, make sure to ask them what their super powers are.