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Gimme, gimme, gimme...

So, I was working with a buyer recently looking at fixer uppers. This buyer and I have worked together 3 times previously, and successfully. The home we were looking at was originally listed at $99,900, and was now at $89,900. My client says to me, lets go for it, but I want to offer $75,000, nearly $15,000 below asking price. No problem I said, partly because the home needs extensive work. Then he says, lets get closing costs too. On a cash deal this should amount to another $2,000 or so. 

We discussed this at length and determined together that this might be pushing the seller a bit too much and we dropped the closing cost request. I wish this were the case for all my buyers. 

Many times I see buyers offering way too low a price for a sought after home, then piling on the closing costs, and asking for a warranty, the washer and dryer, and a multitude of other things. This is not a good negotiation tactic. 

If you are unsure how far you should push a seller on pricing and other costs, consult with your real estate pro. This is one of the reasons we exist.