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Fun in Kennesaw, Ga.

The city of Kennesaw, located NW of Atlanta was the site of a famous Civil War story. In essence, a small band of Union soldiers infiltrated from Tennesee to Kennesaw in order to steal a locomotive. They would race back north to Chattanooga, burning railroad bridges as they went. This would stall any advance from Atlanta and protect Union forces as they attacked Chattanooga, an important railway junction. 

This museum is a terrific place to find out all about this adventure!The museum also has the restored locomotive here, called the General. Also available to see is a special train car gifted to Georgia by the French after WWII. It was filled with gifts from the French people. There were 49 of these individual train cars given to various states by France with their appreciation for the US and their help during the war. 

Very kid friendly as well with a learning center just for them. I enjoyed it too!Just a block from here is a terrific restaurant called Trackside. If you go, ask to sit upstairs in the open air part of the restaurant. If you have never been to Kennesaw Ga. it is definitely worth a look for the great downtown area with shops and apartments, as well as lots of places to see.Posted by