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Feedback, an elusive creature.

We real estate agents are constantly asking for or being asked for feedback. It is the holy grail in client communications. When agents visit our listings, we love to get first hand information either about what the agent thinks or what his clients think about the home. It's not so much about confirming our own opinions, but about keeping tabs on what is going on in the market. I add this information to my own observations when I am out previewing homes and I can effectively communicate this info to my sellers. 

It is also great to have this previewing knowledge when showing buyers homes. They may ask about something in the home and I can answer that I have recently seen this or that done in similar homes. When I preview or show a home, I take good notes and leave feedback for the listing agent that evening, because it is the right thing to do. 

Unfortunately, many agents believe that the only feedback they need to give is and offer or no offer. I disagree. I believe that the seller has been gracious enough to let me invade their home, look in all the corners, and put them out of their own home while I am there, that I owe them the courtesy of good feedback. It doesn't cost me anything other than a small amount of time. 

Feedback continues to be an elusive creature in real estate.