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Did we miss the market?

I have a listing going live in a week or so that I started talking to back in May of this year. Since our first meeting, the Sellers have been trying to close on a new build home that for many reasons kept getting delayed. Had it closed on time, we would have been able to list their other home right in the Spring-Summer busy season. Alas, it was not to be. 

So they asked, have we missed the selling season? Short answer, yes. Longer answer, it really does not matter. Other than taking a bit longer to sell, as long as the home is ready for showing and is priced right, the season really does not concern me. What we will do is what we always do when we market a home. We follow a pretty rigorous marketing plan that gets homes sold. 

Every season for real estate offers opportunities and challenges. Look for an agent who understands these nuances when deciding to sell your home.