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Communication - Noun

The Exchange of information between people, e.g. by means of speaking, writing, or using a common system of signs or behavior. – Encarta Dictionary 

The above sounds so simple. We do this all the time, every day. We use words to convey our wishes and desires. We use facial expressions to convey how we feel. We use computers and cell phones to keep up with all the friends we would never even think about without these devices. In short, we communicate.

 But do we really? Maybe we are just going through the motions. 

The lack of communications seems to be at the root of many of the issues we face today. Why is it that something that seems so easy is really so difficult? 

I was working with an agent the other day and was speaking to her about a listing she had. I have clients who were very interested in the home. The listing agent told me that her clients were looking at an offer right now so if we were interested, I should submit an offer right away. I appreciated the heads up and related to her that my clients offer would be very close to their asking price but be contingent on the sale of a home. The listing agent indicated they already had a weak offer so send ours in and she would get it in front of the sellers that evening. Excellent! Throughout this exchange I felt as though our level of communication was great! 

I submitted an offer with exactly the same terms I mentioned to the listing agent with a 5pm deadline the next day. Then I settled in to wait…and wait…and wait. At 2:30pm the next afternoon after hearing nothing but crickets, I asked the listing agent if there was any news for us. My clients were on pins and needles. The answer? Oh, we took the other offer as it was much better than yours. 

I replied that it was good I got in touch with her to find out status so now I could at least get with my clients and let them know. The listing agent said in an offended voice, well I did not even know until noon today. My answer? It is 2:39 in the afternoon now. 

I am not sure why this irritated me so much. The agent had known they were taking the other offer for over 2 ½ hours and had not thought it necessary to let me and my clients know. Also, I told her exactly what my clients were willing to offer and she encouraged me to send it in, giving hope to my Buyers. 

Cool Hand Luke said it best when he said, “We seem to have a failure to communicate here.” 

When searching for a real estate professional to represent you either in selling a home or buying one, ask them for their communications plan. This will tell you if they even have one, and how they plan on working with you and others. Communication. It really is that important.