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When in the process of buying or selling a home, the way a client handles diversity can make all the difference in the world. For instance, your buyer is in the process of purchasing their dream home when a big rain the night before reveals a very wet crawl space. Since it had not rained in a while, the home inspector did not see this issue. 

Your Buyer is now out of due diligence and well on their way to owning this home.What I liked about this very real situation is that the Buyer did not freak out. We talked through all the options, including walking away from $2,500 in earnest money. What we decided to do was reach out to the listing agent and be very upfront about the issue. No hysterics.So what happened? 

The listing agent got together with the out-of-state Sellers and came up with a plan to fix the issue, even though they did not have to. They wanted to sell the home and they wanted the Buyers to have a good experience. You just can't beat being up front and calm when the inevitable challenge arises.