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A touch of color 

I recently sold my rental home and had spent an entire month getting it ready to show. The last touches were to place a red tea pot on the stove top, a red metal bird on a shelf, and put up a picture of mine with a little red boat. What a difference these items made!In thinking about why these items made the home show so much better, I decided that in a relatively bland space, these red treasures attracted the buyers eye. 

The blandness of the space otherwise would have given buyers nothing to really focus on. Secondly, the red color was a very warm color. With the weather getting colder, this color brought about a feeling of warmth.In the summer I will be using a cooler color, maybe teal, to help buyers subconsciously find a cooling respite from the Summer temps.

It's all about subtle marketing. Similar to making sure the listed home is inviting all the way from the curbside into the home.Good agents realize that selling a home is so much more than just putting a sign in the yard to sell a home. They know that even the subtle changes in a home can make the difference.